Is rugby a safe sport for kids?

3 - Is rugby a safe sport for kids?

As the Rugby World Cup rises, a new generation will be inspired to take to the field. But is it safe for kids to play such a physical game? With countless tackles, fights and bruises, rugby is dynamic, strategic and fun. Interest against rugby union is expected to grow this spring when the Wallabies take part in the Rugby World Cup in Japan. For many parents, sending their children to rugby games is a daunting idea – but is sport as difficult as it seems? How safe is rugby for…

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Five fun training sessiones for Rugby League

22 - Five fun training sessiones for Rugby League

PROTECT TAXES Recommended size: 20m x 20m Goal Protect the treasure Share students to 4/5 floors by group size and available numbers. You have four groups around the edge and one in the middle as guards, or you have three around the edge and a group as guards. Place a group in each corner area and in the middle of the circle with so many footballs, rugby balls, notes, cones, etc. Each element may have a different point value depending on how impractical it is to grow at high speed…

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Rugby coaches

12 - Rugby coaches

The most common rugby injuries and how to treat them. As with any contact sport, some kind of injury is inevitable. In a fast-paced game like this, where tackles are the nature of the beast, it is not uncommon to have multiple injuries in a rugby game, although it is not always serious, but it is best to prepare. To do this, we will look at the most common rugby injuries and, before the most important thing, how we are going to deal with them. According to the annual Professional…

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Why it’s impossible to judge a professionalrugby

banner2 - Why it's impossible to judge a professionalrugby

In 2015, we wrote an article asking if professional rugby is now impossible to assess (read here); Eightteen months later, nothing has changed, and it has to be said that the judge’s task has become even more difficult. When you read a rugby forum or a Twitter conversation about a top rugby game, comments always focus on how bad the referee was – but how can that be when we have the best referees in the world as a civil servant? One of the main reasons rugby spectators end up…

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How to find the best place to buy high-quality rugby equipment

  When playing a sport, it’s important that you invest in high-quality equipment. After all, it ensures that you feel comfortable and that your performance improves. But not all of us have endless money pits to spend on such things. So to do this, read on to find some of the best tips to find the best place to buy rugby gear… Good sales section Let’s address the price factor first. There is no doubt that rugby equipment can be very expensive. However, if you are looking for cheaper goods,…

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Learn about buying a rugby ball

chuttersnap YCh 0pC4MEY unsplash - Learn about buying a rugby ball

Learn more about what factors to consider when trading rugby balls… Size – First of all, you need to buy the right size ball. Many simply assume that all rugby balls are equal. However, this is not the case. You usually have four different options to choose from. These are the following – size 5, size 4.5, size 4 and finally size 3. The latter is suitable for mini rugby, i.e. under-9s, under-8s and under-7s. The size 4 of rugby ball is junior rugby. Women’s rugby players carry a size…

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Sports archive – You’re thinking about playing rugby?

quino al hCfZwxu6auo unsplash - Sports archive - You're thinking about playing rugby?

Rugby is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular. While you may not need a lot of rugby equipment to start playing, you need the most equipment. After all, rugby is a sport with a lot of contact, and that’s why it’s important that you’re protected when you play. If you don’t buy the right equipment, you’re seriously injured. Moreover, it is not just a question of protection. After all, if you don’t have a rugby ball, how can you play the game? Remember, read on to find out everything…

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Combat conditioning of battles in Rugby

quino al GyuWu0ynutE unsplash - Combat conditioning of battles in Rugby

In recent years it has become popular in Rugby with the help of a wrestling coach or judo coach in pre-season with the idea of using grabbing techniques to improve fitness and perseverance and get ticks into rugby, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing and it’s not effective either, but I think it’s a better way It’s adapted more to what players actually do in the sport, go in with combat conditioning. Combat Conditioning is not a martial arts, although some techniques are borrowed or adapted from martial arts…

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Biggest Rugby Rivalries in the UK

1181194 53c59974 - Biggest Rugby Rivalries in the UK

Ever since Rugby was brought into the professional era, derbies have risen around the United Kingdon in both Rugby League and Rugby Union. These Rugby Rivalries have grown so much, leagues pre-plan the derby dates in advance. Here, we’ll look at some of the biggest derbies in both Rugby League and Rugby Union. Rugby Nation Derbies In Rugby Union, there’s no bigger derby than England v Wales. Geographically, the two Nations are direct rivals and history suggests that the English have oppressed the Welsh throughout the ages. The Welsh love…

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What’s the difference between Rugby Union and League?

quino al XAlKHW9ierw unsplash - What’s the difference between Rugby Union and League?

As we know, there are two different types of Rugby, Rugby League, and Rugby Union. These games may seem similar but are completely different in terms of tactics, game management, and playing styles. Here, we’ll go over both forms of Rugby highlighting the key differences and similarities along the way. In 1871, the Rugby Football Union was formed which was in place to regulate what could happen in the game of Rugby. Their reluctance to go professional, however, forced many players to form their own code with teams in Yorkshire…

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