Is rugby a safe sport for kids?

3 - Is rugby a safe sport for kids?

As the Rugby World Cup rises, a new generation will be inspired to take to the field. But is it safe for kids to play such a physical game?

With countless tackles, fights and bruises, rugby is dynamic, strategic and fun. Interest against rugby union is expected to grow this spring when the Wallabies take part in the Rugby World Cup in Japan. For many parents, sending their children to rugby games is a daunting idea – but is sport as difficult as it seems?

How safe is rugby for kids?

Like any sport, rugby is not risk-free – but good heating, cooling and handling techniques help keep the dangers to a minimum. According to Sports Medicine Australia, there are about 16 injuries for every 1000 hours of rugby played by schoolchildren. More than 50% of these injuries are classified as minor or minor and do not result in missed matches.

Rugby Australia is working hard to ensure the sport is safe for players of all ages, as James Selby, Community Rugby General Manager, explains:

“In 2018, we introduced the ‘With Age’ policy. This allows players to move the number up or down, based on size and experience, instead of age. This has been especially beneficial for children who are young at their age. Because they can now play against children of the same size. ”

Another initiative introduced by Rugby Australia in 2018 is the “blue card.” “This is protecting against concussion,” Selby explains, “if a player gets a blue card during a game, it means he’s in danger of getting a concussion. The player must leave the field immediately for medical evaluation. Before he gets back to rugby. ”

What’s the use of rugby for kids?

Getting fit and being part of the team is beneficial for most kids, but James Selby believes rugby in particular has something special to offer.

“The great thing about rugby is that there is room in the team for all children, regardless of size or experience. We’re also seeing a wave of women walking the field with almost 50/50 divides in schools across Australia.””

“With rugby,” says Selby, “you’re not just joining a sports team, you’re joining a community that provides support both on and off the field – and that applies to both parents and children who participate.”

Rugby also offers great opportunities to travel and play internationally, with young leagues from an early age and broadening children’s horizons through sport.

How do I get my kids to play rugby?

Modified game formats like Touch 7s are a great way to learn ball skills and walklines without rugby union’s contact element.

For children (or adults) who want to learn ropes, Rugby Australia’s Getting Into Rugby program is a 4-8 week beginner course. Australia has peaks, so the program focuses on learning basic skills and promoting rugby as a social and fun sport. When you feel your kids are ready to join the team, you can email Rugby Australia and they can help you contact opportunities nearby.

When the Rugby World Cup kicks off on June 20, it will be the first time the Rugby World Cup has been held. For adults who want to try rugby, income security can give you the confidence to give you everything you know you’re protected if you’re injured and not working.


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During rugby betting season, you may find yourself getting into fights with other bettors because you are upset about losing a bet. Be careful not to get too upset over losing a game, as you might lose sight of the object of your rugby bets. In fact, the biggest mistake you can make is to neglect the teams that are playing. What you should be focusing on is the teams you think are the strongest teams. For instance, if you think the Springboks have a strong team, then you should place a bet on them. If you think the Irish have a powerful team, then you should place a bet on them as well.

When placing your bets, try to use the same system that you had used during the regular season. If you didn’t make any money during the regular season, then try using the same system as you did during the Tests. This will increase your winning percentage in the long run. It may also make it easier for you to adjust your winnings with each game that you play. Some people even use this strategy during the World Cup years when they know they have a slight chance of winning a certain game.

Remember that while rugby betting is fun, it can also be risky. Don’t forget that you are risking your own money. If you are planning to bet on the Springboks, then don’t go all out on them the first time you place a bet. Try to save your money until you have at least seen a good performance from them. This way, you will at least have a higher chance of making money off your first bet.

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