One for the University: Is Playing Rugby Worth the Risk?

feature10 - One for the University: Is Playing Rugby Worth the Risk?

While many rugby players start at a young age, there is no rule that says you cannot start later in your life. Today, we will be discussing if playing Rugby in college is worth the risk. Yes, the fact of life remains that this sport does come with a significant amount of risk.

Despite all well-meaning attempts, Rugby is still a contact sport and so it is inevitable that some scrapes or bruises can occur. However, those that attend university should not let this deter them. Let us approach the discourse with a pro and con take.


Rugby will help you get healthy

Rugby is a strenuous physical activity. All the running, dodging, ducking, and weaving will tone your arms, legs, and will provide you with much needed time in an open field. Studies have often locked students away in cloistered halls and rooms with their noses stuck in a book or more commonly, a gadget.

Most university students often lead unhealthy lifestyles with their late nights, fast food, and parties. We may be throwing a rather wide net description here but we are basing it off our own personal experiences. Several of us go to experience rugby in university and it helped turns things around in the health department.

Less and less university students are getting the exercise that they need. Rugby is a good way to get healthy!

Rugby can be cathartic

University can be truly stressful. It is a time that is spent away from home. Depending on where you went to college, you can be miles away from old friends and loved ones. The course load can be pressing and there is so much that can ultimately press upon a college student’s mind.

Rugby can be a really cathartic way to release stress. What you need to remember is that the sport of rugby is a contact sport. If you had ever seen Mean Girls where Regina George channeled all her aggression into sports—rugby can do that for you.

Contact sport is a good way to relieving stress and acting out aggression in a healthy way. While we are not saying that you should actively seek out contact sports merely to hurt people but therapists will suggest that you find a healthy outlet for stress and any anger you might be feeling.

Rugby opens up your social circles

Rugby can open up your world in ways that you may not expect it to. As a team sport, you will be taken out of your comfort zone and made to associate with other people in your team. This is a great time to build your network for events that goes on outside of the sport.

You never know that the person who is tossing the ball to you can help you with your thesis. There is nothing quite like bonding over strategy and game stories.

Being on the school team means potential scholarships

There is no secret that college is expensive. This is why we try hard to cut costs and make sure that we find ways to lower the costs further. Being part of the school’s team can mean potential scholarships and grants for yourself and your team.

Of course, this can mean that you will have to worry less about the final cost of your education. Also, depending on the college that you go to, there is no need to come out of pocket for supplies and uniforms as they will be suitably provided for you.

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

There are certain things that you get to experience as a rugby player that you otherwise will not be able to experience somewhere else. Team sports and the like offer unique experiences that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

If your school is not exactly well-funded, there will be the experience of going on school drives to help fund your sports team. These are once in a lifetime experiences that can certainly contribute to your growing character.


Time Consuming

When you have a LOT of things to do in your course, it might be a little bit more than you can handle. Team sports will require commitment. School sports and being part of a school team will entail matches with other schools from time to time. In preparation for this, there will be prolonged practice sessions and extended trainings.

If you cannot commit, it would be best to stay away from Rugby.

Risk of Injuries

As with any contact sport, you will come to expect some degree of injury to go with the territory. Even if you do try to play safe, there is always the risk of serious injury like broken bones and fractures. If you are not willing to risk any injuries, it would be in your best interest to stay away from a contact sport like rugby.

Additional Grade Requirements

When you are on the school team, most educational institutions require their athletes to a higher standard. As such, they are expected to have grades that are better than most. This can cause additional strain on an already stressed person.

If you feel like your plate is already full, it would be wise for you to stay away from rugby.

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In Conclusion

Taking into consideration the risks and even the benefits that one can gain from playing Rugby; our ultimate answer would have to be a big resounding YES. If you still doubt whether or not the risk is worth it, we truly suggest that you watch a match and give it a try. You may end up surprising yourself with what you see with your own eyes.

Always remember that experience is the best teacher. If you give it a try and you still do not think it is worth it, you can still pat yourself on the back! You had the courage to try something new and that in itself is already a great achievement! So what do YOU think: is rugby in college worth the risk?

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