Starting Them Young: Massive Benefits Children Gain Through Rugby

feature5 - Starting Them Young: Massive Benefits Children Gain Through Rugby

If you have ever thought of signing up a youngster for the game of Rugby, you had best be prepared. Rugby has so much to offer young players and we are not just talking about health. Tune in to see the other massive benefits they can gain. Rugby is a sport that had enjoyed quite a lifespan to it.

Back in the day, it was almost only guaranteed that the sons of nobility would be allowed to even learn the game. It was once thought that any game that diverted the masses from their tasks and labor was bad. It is a good thing then that we no longer live in those times. What we have now is a great freedom that should be enjoyed!


While Rugby has certainly had a reputation of being a tough sport which can result in injuries, the same can be said for pretty much every sport out there. Also, the benefits greatly outnumber the possible risks. If you need a bit more convincing, here are some of the massive benefits that children can gain from Rugby:

Physical Exercise

As any doctor will tell you, physical activity should be made a regular part of anyone’s life. There has been quite a call for more children to be more active in their daily life. The gadget revolution coupled with unhealthy eating has certain done a number on the youth.

Now, more than ever, the number of children that suffers from obesity is dangerously high. Rugby offers the chance for young kids to spend time away from their gadgets and sedentary lifestyles. Rugby is a physically challenging sport. There is a lot of running involved, after all. The game itself is played on a field that is about 122 x 68 meters.

Other than running, there is tossing involved. These can also help improve the child’s motor skills in the long run. If the child consistently plays Rugby, they will be in better physical fitness than most youngsters their age that do not engage in sports.

Mental Exercise

Other than the physical benefits that come with the game, the mind is given quite a workout as well. When playing rugby, there is a significant part that is all about strategy. Have you run far enough? Which direction should you go? Who should you pass the ball to? How can you avoid the best player of the opposite team?

There are so many questions that will race through the mind of a rugby player. The ones above are only a few examples of them. When you are part of a team sport, fast and critical thinking is necessary. Every person counts and should be able to make split-second decisions that can help contribute to their team’s performance.

Playing rugby will help stimulate a child’s mental capability and bring forth opportunities for other mental exercises like strategic planning.

Social Interactions

We have expressed that rugby is a team sport. This means that a child will be able granted sufficient opportunity to mingle with others who are around the same age and some who can even be older than they are. This can prove to be a rather educational experience for a lot of youngsters.

Social graces are something that can be taught BUT the kids needs to practice it in order to get the hang out it. Friendships that are usually forged through team sports like rugby end up lasting lifetimes. Often, the friendship even transcends and can pass on to their children.

Children can also learn how to be good sports in the face of defeat. This is something that they can reap the benefits of no matter how old they get. Being graceful at the face of loss is increasingly becoming a lost art of sorts. The newer generations are often subjected to ‘participation’ prizes.

If you are not familiar with the concept of that, it refers to the thing that is handed out to all participants simply because they showed up to the game. The end result is that we end up raising generations of kids that feel they are entitled to a prize simply because they exist.

Rugby will teach them that there are times where you will win and there will times that you will lose. Learning how to accept this fact is something that can go a long way in the lives of kids.

Scholarships and Eventual Employment

When kids play rugby and are good at it, they can get scholarships. The cost of education is only going upward and every little bit of help makes a world of difference. Athletic scholarships are something that young rugby players can aim to achieve.

Having goals is one of the ways to improve, after all. Scholarships can eventually turn into professional careers later on in life. Many of the best players in the international scene have played the game since they were kids. It is experience that you cannot replace nor buy. The sheer amount of experience that they can accumulate when they start young is something that professional teams look for.

The younger they have a start at the game, the better opportunities they will have on signing with a professional team later on in their lives. Not bad for something that you used to play every weekend, right?

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In Conclusion

Rugby is certainly a sport that you should be looking into for your child. If you do not have one, try to see if there is a local league in your area and throw in your support. You can show your support through donations and if you have other skills that they may need, you can throw those in the ring as well. We hope that you do not feel like you are being pressured into helping out.

Remember that whatever you do decide to give, make sure that you do it with an open mind and an even wider heart. What would be important is to provide a good and competitive chance for young athletes in your area to enjoy the massive benefits of Rugby!

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