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Rugby is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular. While you may not need a lot of rugby equipment to start playing, you need the most equipment. After all, rugby is a sport with a lot of contact, and that’s why it’s important that you’re protected when you play. If you don’t buy the right equipment, you’re seriously injured. Moreover, it is not just a question of protection. After all, if you don’t have a rugby ball, how can you play the game? Remember, read on to find out everything you need to know about the different products you want to buy…


There’s only one place to start and it’s with protective gear that you need to buy if you want to enjoy this game. The last thing you want is to go to the hospital! Rugby equipment has several elements that you need to protect yourself. Chewing gum shield has to. This protects the gums and teeth during the game. Nobody wants to lose their teeth, right? In addition to this, you should also consider buying headgear, as it will protect you from blowing injuries that can lead to death. Lightweight headgear proves useful on several occasions, especially during bruises and tackles. In addition to this, be sure to buy pillows for the upper body. These are lightweight and designed to protect your shoulder and chest, otherwise you can get a lot of pain when dealing with it. It is worth pointing out that all these devices are designed to protect you, but it does not harm your performance, since the technology is so advanced that you will hardly notice that you are using extra pads or layers. Despite all these devices, it’s good to find a good physiotherapist like Precision Sports Physiotherapy to keep your body in top shape and recover from injuries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Rugby Ball

It might sound like an obvious purchase, but of course you can’t enjoy rugby if you don’t have the right ball. It is worth noting that there are different balls on the market to choose from. There are leisure balls designed for fun, practice balls and competitive balls. It is important to buy the right ball in terms of how it should be used. In the next part, we will give detailed advice on this.

Rugby clothing and boots

On the last but not a minor night, you need the right clothes and boots. Let’s start with the latter. Rugby boots are designed to provide additional protection for the ankle, which is why they have higher cuts. Still, if you want to play in the backfield, you can go for a lower cut because you want to run more. When it comes to rugby wear, the top is almost sculptural to the body. This is to see your opponents catch you. The special drug used is ideal for sports, which involves a lot of sketches and rough play. However, the fabric is comfortable enough for you to move easily.

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